United Hunter Oil and Gas Corporation

Corporate Profile

United Hunter Oil & Gas Corporation is a Canadian-registered company, with a management team experienced in upstream and downstream businesses. A top priority of management is to provide its shareholders with innovative commercial arrangements and a business model to ensure value in its operations and investments.

United Hunter targets opportunities that have the greatest potential to increase value. To do this, the company rigorously studies potential projects with the intent to build a quality portfolio of domestic and international assets. Making selective investments requires financial discipline, the use of advanced evaluation technologies and a strong relationship with partners.

To align the focus of the company's Board of Directors and Executives with its shareholders, United Hunter insists that executive remuneration be based on measurable performance linked to the company's short-term and long-term strategy.

United Hunter understands the risks involved in managing a corporation. These include; commodity prices, optimizing capital expenditures, operational challenges, geopolitical and local instability, financial liquidity, competition, cybersecurity, business ethics and transparency.

United Hunter believes the best way to achieve sustainable success as a company is to act in the long term interests of our shareholders. The company aims to create shareholder value by generating sustainable cash-flow.

Since its incorporation, United Hunter has responded to changing circumstances many times. Over the years, the company has adapted, evolved and learned from both success and mistakes. This experience and willingness to change is one of our greatest assets. United Hunter is well positioned to take advantage of new opportunities in order to provide value to our shareholders.

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