United Hunter Oil and Gas Corporation

Management and Directors

United Hunter has an experienced team with exploration &production team members having produced and operated in the US and internationally, onshore and offshore, for an average of 41 years each

Tim Turner - President, CEO & Director

Mr. Tim Turner is President and CEO of United Hunter Oil & Gas Corp. of Vancouver, BC, Canada; Bocana Investments, S.A. and Huiracocha International Service, SRL, both of Santa Cruz Bolivia.  Mr. Turner has a BBA in Petroleum Land Management from the University of Texas at Austin and has over 34 years of varied experience in the oil and gas industry where he established and maintained productive business relationships with partners; negotiated complex joint venture agreements; oversaw all business partner operations, negotiated legal agreements (involving acquisitions, eminent domain issues and the disposition of assets); and prepared long-range and short-term business plans, revenue and expenditure projections.  Mr. Turner has worked for Exxon Company, USA, where he supervised all land-related negotiations on dozens of Exxon operated fields comprising hundreds of wells and thousands of separate property files. Subsequently, Mr. Turner went to work for Phillips Petroleum Company, in Houston, where his responsibilities included various exploration and production land activities throughout the state of Texas resulting in several new field discoveries and substantial new reserves to the company.  Prior, to his appointment with United Hunter, Tim Turner was a Principal Partner of Tim Turner & Associates, LLC, an oil and gas exploration and production business development company.  Concurrent with this position, Mr. Turner holds leadership positions in two South American private investment operations reviewing and developing mineral and petroleum related investment opportunities. Mr. Turner has been active on numerous national, state and local boards and committees since 1979. In 2003, and again in 2009, Texas Governor Rick Perry appointed Mr. Turner to serves as a Public Member on the Texas Medical Board, in which he was elected by his peers and served as Secretary/Treasurer for several years. Mr. Turner is a member of the Mediation Section of the State Bar of Texas and was a very active member of the American Association of Professional Landmen, having served on the board for several years and ultimately receiving one of the Associations highest public service awards.

Jeff Ratcliffe - Chief Financial Officer & Director

Mr. Ratcliffe became CFO for United Hunter Oil & Gas on February 6, 2014. Mr. Ratcliffe graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Victoria in 1994 and has over seven years as an accountant in the resource sector both domestically and internationally, primarily in the oil and gas industry. He received his Certified General Accountant designation in May of 2013. From April 2006 to September 2008 Mr. Ratcliffe was the principle accountant for Mogul Energy International, Inc. In October 2008 Mr. Ratcliffe was appointed Chief Financial Officer/Controller for Sea Dragon Energy Inc. ("Sea Dragon") which became a TSX-Venture listed company during his tenure. Mr. Ratcliffe returned to Mogul Energy International, Inc. in December of 2010 as the Chief Financial Officer/Controller as the Company entered its development and production phase.

Edward Banaszek, JR. - Geologist/Operations & Director

Edward Banaszek is a geologist with 34 years of domestic and international petroleum industry experience in both service-company and oil-company positions. He has a proven ability to combine technical expertise with business development. He is known as an energetic, multi-talented team member, working with sound management and technical judgment.
Ed started out in 1980 with Exlog, a Baker Hughes company, in field-positions as a logging geologist, pressure engineer and wellsite geologist.  He moved into office-based positions as a technical superintendent responsible for company and client training, training development and R&D projects with oil companies. During this time, Ed lived and worked in the U.K., Singapore, South America and Norway. He prepared training programs for other Baker companies (Hughes Christensen, Baker Oil Tools and Milpark) as well as developing an Engineering Development Program for Baker Hughes, which is still ongoing.
As the Senior Project Geologist in Baker Hughes’ Solution Division, Ed worked on projects in Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Venezuela, Azerbaijan and China. In project with Chevron in the Unita Basin, the Solutions Group drilled 11 out of 11 successful gas (Wasatch) gas wells while cutting the drilling and completion costs from, $1.2 MM/well (Chevron) to $600 M/well (BHS).
From 1999 to 2003, Ed was a geological consultant for domestic and international projects and worked as the technical expert for two companies using patented technology for hydrocarbon exploration.
In 2003, Ed joined UzPEC as their Senior Geologist working two license areas in Uzbekistan. He managed local and expat geoscientists in all phases of G&G activities from seismic operations to the drilling of and completion of wells, including the tie-in to the production facilities and pipeline. Ed left UzPEC after a buyout from LukOil.
Back in Houston in 2005, Ed consulted for a U.K.-based geothermal company.  He performed geological research and investigations using national oil and gas databases (U.K.’s DTI and France’s BEPH) to select well candidates for geothermal technologies. Ed also represented the company at SMU’s Geothermal conferences.
In 2006, Ed returned to Uzbekistan as the Senior Geologist for Rosehill Energy, a U.K. – based company operating the North Urtabulak field in southern Uzbekistan. During his stay, Rosehill drilled the first successful horizontal well in Uzbekistan and the first successful vertical well in their “Salt Hazard Area”. Those two wells, along with 14 capital workovers increased oil production from 400 bbl/day to over 1000 bbl/day. Ed left Rosehill in 2008 when it was acquired by Tethys Petroleum, a Canadian-based company.
Returning to Houston, Ed joined 21st Fox Energy as their Operations Manager. He was involved in lease acquisition, AFE preparation, working with regulatory agencies, preparing drilling and completion programs in 21st work in several counties in Texas. He managed the rehabilitation of a shallow oil leases in Medina County, Texas and Cotton County, Oklahoma.
He has been involved in prospect generation, oil and gas lease acquisitions, and developing oil and gas properties in South America, Asia, Middle East, West Africa, FSU/CIS, Europe and North America.   Mr. Banaszek his B.S. in Geology from Bloomsburg State College, Pennsylvania.
Ed joined Mogul Energy in 2011 as their Vice-President of Operations and is an active participant in Vesta.

Gary Countryman - Engineering

Mr. Countryman has forty years of experience in the oil and gas industry including Vice President of Dubai Petroleum from 1977-79, Manager of Middle East Operations from 1980-84 for Conoco, Inc. and General Manager and Managing Director for Geisum Oil Company from 1984 -86. He served as Vice President – Operations of Greenhill Petroleum from 1987-89. From 1990 he has owned his own company and been involved in oil and gas property acquisitions and the operation of oil and gas properties.
• Oversaw existing production and also of all facilities which brought an additional 150 million cubic feet per day of gas production and 15,000 barrels per day of oil production on line.
• Supervised installation of one of Conoco's largest water floods.
• Supervised the drilling of 300+ infill wells and all the infrastructure for a large flood. The production more than doubled.
• Set up an operating organization to produce over 2000 barrels of oil per day and 3 million cubic feet of gas per day in the following states: Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.
Mr. Countryman earned his B.S. and M.S. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of California and his M.S. in Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

MR. Danald Timko – Petrophysics and Petroleum Engineer

Mr. Donald J. Timko has nearly 50 years of experience in the petroleum industry.  After graduating, with a degree in geology from the University of Pittsburgh, he served two years in the USAF during the Korean conflict. He returned to Pittsburgh and received a graduate degree in 1955. He was employed by Continental Oil Co. as a well logging engineer. One of his main responsibilities was to design, develop and instruct well logging techniques to company engineers and geologists. In 1959, he transferred to Continental's production engineering headquarters in Houston as a reservoir engineer. He was promoted to supervisor of the companies Formation Evaluation Group in 1967, and in this capacity, he supervised the company's activities, both domestic and international, in the area of formation evaluation. In 1973, he resigned from Conoco and formed a geological and engineering company, primarily involved with evaluation of domestic and foreign drilling prospects for major investors.
In 1974, he also initiated an operating company, and drilled and produced many wells mainly along the Gulf Coast. Also, he continued to consult on both domestic and foreign activities for major and independent companies. One of his main responsibilities was teaching well logging interpretation techniques around the world. Mr. Timko has been active as a client's technical representative for developing field parameters for field hearings and, unitizations, and producing allowable.
Mr. Timko has been a member of the Univ. of Houston and has taught courses in "Bore Hole Geophysics" to graduate students, and has had a contract with SPE/AIME to teach short courses to petroleum engineers around the United States. Also, he has taught many commercial courses around the world. Most recently, he has presented seminars to both majors and independents in geological and engineering applications of reservoir pressure and temperature data derived from well logs.
Timko has been president of The International Society of Professional Well Log Analysts", the industries technical society in the field of Formation evaluation and log interpretation. Timko is a charter member of SPWLA, having been one of the 19 members in 1959. This organization now has many thousands of members from oil producing countries around the world. Mr. Timko was elected and served as a "Distinguished Lecturer" of the "Society of Petroleum Engineers". The lectures, presented worldwide, placed considerable emphasis on how to evaluate geothermal energy sources in high pressure and temperature environments from well log data. Mr. Timko has served on the SPE Distinguish Lecture committee to select speakers, and also has served on the SPE technical committee to select papers for publication in the "Journal of Petroleum Technology"
In addition to SPWLA and SPE/AIME he was elected to the "society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists". He has also been active in the "Houston Geological Society", the "American Association Petroleum Geologists" and the "Canadian Well Logging Society". He has presented technical papers to these groups over the years.
Mr. Timko is the author of numerous technical papers in the areas of formation evaluation, geopressure and temperature relationships with hydrocarbon and geothermal reservoirs. A representative number of these papers are listed below. He is also a pioneer in the application of well log data to determine formation pressure and temperature to resolve drilling problems. He is the leader in the industry in using this data to determine the commercially of hydrocarbon reservoirs, and has written many technical papers on this subject.
 Mr. Timko is recognized as an expert witness in both well log analysis and geology before the Texas Railroad Commission and the Louisiana Land Commission.  He has also been recognized, and actively participates,  as an expert witness in lawsuit cases in Texas and Louisiana courts.

James G. Sorrels - Partner & Geologist

Mr. Sorrells is an experienced explorationist with thirty-eight (38) years in prospect generation, development geology, log analysis, pore pressure analysis, and completion of oil & gas wells onshore and offshore Texas and Louisiana, West Texas, East Texas, North Louisiana, and Oklahoma.  Mapped most of the Gulf Coast of Texas district 1-4, at least twice, and a considerable portion of districts 5 and 6. Together with Mr. Timko, Mr. Sorrells was co-owner of a domestic production company, in which they discovered and developed considerable oil and gas reserves along the upper Gulf Coast of Texas. He sold his interest in 1998, and now devotes his full time as a petroleum geologist.

E.J. Gilbert, P.E. - Drilling Engineer Consultant

Mr. E.J. Gilbert graduated from the University of Texas with a B.S. Degree in Petroleum Engineering. In 1991, Mr. Gilbert worked as a management consultant assisting the President of Forest Oil Corporation in organizing the operations and the engineering functions to fit the downsized company. Shortly after, he was employed by Canada Triton International as an Area Manager. He directed the operational and the technical staff contracted by Corproven in Eastern Venezuela to provide an on-site supervision for two rigs engaged in drilling and completing 20,000' wells.  After resigning from Phibro Energy as their technical advisor in 1993, Mr. Gilbert joined McClure and Assoc. Inc. as their Senior Instruction's Drilling Engineer. He provided classroom instructions in application of abnormal pressure theory to advanced well planning for engineers, geologists, and geophysicists from major oil companies.
For 10 years, Mr. Gilbert worked for Eaton Engineering, Inc. as their Senior Advanced Drilling Engineer. His responsibilities have covered a wide variety of areas. He worked with Texaco as a consultant for offshore drilling operations in Angola, and prepared AFE, cost estimates, drilling and completion programs for extended reach, and exploratory wells. Mr. Gilbert also worked with Conoco designing and assisting in three re-entry horizontal platform wells in Indonesia, and directed exploration wells in the Gulf of Paria, Venezuela.  For the past several years, Mr. Gilbert has been Vesta’s on-site drilling engineer where he has over-seen the on-site drilling program for the two wells drilled in the Stafford Prospect in Jackson County, Texas and the most recent well in the North Pasture Prospect in San Patricio County, Texas.  Mr. Gilbert is a consulting drilling engineering consultant for United Hunter.

Dr. Arthur Halleran - Director

Dr. Halleran obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Calgary, Department of Geology & Geophysics and has over 30+ years of domestic and international experience in petroleum exploration and development. In addition, Dr. Halleran has extensive experience in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects. Previously, Dr. Halleran was a consulting geologist for Rally Energy Corp. and initiated the companies drilling program which discovered the prolific producing fractured reservoir trend and provided scientific data for a successful EOR recovery project. Dr. Halleran was part owner and Vice President Exploration for Canacol Energy Ltd., a company with interests in Colombia, Guyana and Brazil. During Dr. Halleran's tenure as VP, Canacol Energy acquired producing assets in Colombia and Brazil and participated in the discovery of one of the largest oil fields in Colombia in several years.

Eldon Christian Shomber - Director

Mr. Shomber has over 20 years of business, corporate finance and investment management experience between developed and frontier markets. Recently Mr. Shomber served four years as Chief Investment Officer at Kuwait Middle East Financial Investment Co. KSCC, a leading public investment company headquartered in Kuwait City. In that capacity he was responsible for the MENA investment banking and asset management divisions with investment oversight of more than $3 billion across global asset classes for all firm proprietary and client mandates. From 1993 until 2008, Mr. Shomber held a number of senior positions with SEI Investments driving growth of its asset management and allocation programs to total assets under management of $202 billion. Prior to this, he served as an Officer in the US Marine Corps participating in several international contingencies and major operations. Mr. Shomber has been recognized by several industry and world ranked societies including MENA Fund Manager Power 50 in 2012 and the World Finance Investment Management Award, Middle East 2012 and was the top ranked GCC equity fund manager in 2011. Mr. Shomber is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine and was awarded the Chartered Financial Analyst designation (CFA) in 1999.